Escape Technologies is a managed service provider.  We recommend a collection of tools that deliver automated maintenance, best of breed performance and high security.

The main goals for your technology should be:

Keep your business safe 

  1. Make Backups, monitor them daily, restore them periodically.
  2. Know what is backed up and what is not.
  3. Use a good desktop security suite (anti-virus and more features)
  4. Use a Full UTM firewall; enterprise features are now available at small business pricing.
  5. Train your staff to avoid destructive infections by avoiding fake emails and web links.
  6. Encrypt your data and use two factor authentication where possible.

LifeCycle Plan (Have one)

  1. Budget to replace your desktops/laptops on a regular cycle. 4 years is recommended.
  2. Budget to replace any servers on a regular cycle. 5 years is recommended.
  3. Budget for support, software licenses, connectivity, media costs and cloud services.
  4. Retire: Dispose of technology in a secure manner.

Maintenance (Make the computers do it)

  1. Automate as much maintenance as possible, then verify it monthly
  2. Ensure your staff and our staff are doing what they should (I.e. rotating backup media).